I was originally from Princeton, New Jersey and I attended Mercer County Community College (MCCC) after high school. While attending MCCC, I discovered my true passion for playing video games and my desire to learn how to create, design, and develop games. After a year and a half I decided to transfer to Collins College in Tempe, Arizona to major in Game Design. Since I graduated Collins in 2008, I have been focusing on honing my skills in game art. Today, I am focusing on game art and improving my skills as a 3D modeler and texture artist. Soon, I hope to break into the game industry doing what I love.


Born and raised in Ohio. My youth was filled with fields of corn and games. Having a passion for these games from making card games and Lego D&D. I moved to Arizona and attended Collins College where I became class valedictorian and earned my bachelors degree in Game Design. The siren of my future guided me to Pennsylvania where I work as a legal assistant at a law firm for Workers’ Compensation. When I’m not writing legal demands I’m honing  3D and texturing skills to get an industry position.

Jason Mathews –

Born in Michigan, I remember my first game being pitfall on Atari and it evolved from there.  I always played games, but I think it was Warcraft II that hooked me from then on my gaming experience was never solo it was always about multiplayer.  In high school I picked up on D&D (another multiplayer game) and then to Everquest.  I have to say my favorite game genre is MMO, I love the challenge and the interaction.  In college I started off going for 3D animation then moving to graphic design, and finally moving to game art at Collins College.  My abilities are kind of mix of everything, from 2D to 3D, from coding to modeling, and from animation to videography, I love it all.  Currently I work for Southwest Portraits doing photo-retouching, even though its not games its still design and Photoshop which I love.


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